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Meet the Playful Planets — the original superheroes of myth and legend!

A selections of pages and images, below. These colourful characters would love to meet you inside the books.

Playful_planets_orbits   Mickey_Mercury
The PLAYFUL PLANETS orbit the SUN   Mickey MERCURY, the Winged Messenger
Uri URANUS   Veronica VENUS
Uri URANUS, the Magician   Veronica VENUS, Goddess of Love and Beauty
Solly SUN   Mr Bully MARS
Sol or Solly, the SUN   Mr Bully. MARS, God of War
Jovial JUPITER   Maggie mother EARTH
Jovial JUPITER, God of Justice   Maggie mother EARTH
Kayleigh the COMET   Marvin the mieserable man in the MOON
Kayleigh the COMET   Marvin, the miserable man in the MOON
SATURN Old Father Time   Neville NEPTUNE
SATURN, Old Father Time (Kronos)   Neville NEPTUNE, God of the Deep


Planets for kids

The ideal way to teach children about the planets, and the myths and legends associated with them. There are numerous space books for kids out there, but this is the only children's astronomy book that personifies the planets according to their roles in myth and legend — as the original planet superheroes. Who is your favourite superhero planet? Mars the God of War, Venus the Goddess of Love, or one of the other planets in our solar system? Reading is a discount ticket to anywhere and everywhere ... including space. Great learning fun for kids.


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