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David Ó Druaidh (pronounced O'Dru) has spent most of his life working in IT, and since the late 90s on web site design and development.

He has enjoyed a long interest in science and astronomy, and has spoken at a number of conferences around the world in his capacity as an amateur with an interest in the field.

His fascination with astronomy includes an interest in related archaeology and mythology, hence his idea to capture some of the myths and legends relating to the planets in a children's book.

There are a number of astronomy books available which are aimed at children, but none that he is aware of that personify the planets according to their mythological archetypes.

The original artwork by Bigfoot Alley Studios really brings their personalities to life.

David has his own web site that focuses on the role of plasma and electromagnetism in the universe,, which also touches on some of the myths and legends associated with the planets in our Solar System.

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