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There are three books in the Playful Planets children's book series.

In the first book The Playful Planets say Hello and Watch the Rocket the planets introduce themselves and watch a rocket ship from Earth fly through space. They wonder where it will end up and all fear it landing on them.

"They say they reach for the stars, but they only ever seem to get this far!" moans Marvin, the miserable Man in the Moon. "All the rubbish on me they discard, I'm starting to feel like a junk yard!"

The beautiful and original artwork really brings the planets to life in true superhero style. Their personalities reflect their roles in myth and legend. For example, MARS, the God of War, is Mr Angry; Veronica VENUS is the Goddess of Love and Beauty; JUPITER is Jovial Jove, the God of Justice; Mickey MERCURY the mischievous messenger, Uri URANUS the magician (the seventh son or seventh from the SUN), and so on.

The second book The Playful Planets and The Days of the Week teaches children the days of the week as well as the names of the planets. It is an easily forgotten fact that the days are named after the planets in many languages, and especially the older languages of Latin derivation. For this reason some of the Spanish and French day names also get a mention. Additionally, the month of March is named after the planet Mars, and January after Uranus according to many sources.

The title of the third book The Playful Planets Behaving Badly is self explanatory.

With a creative slant, the planets interact in a manner similar to how they are portrayed in mythology. It all starts when Mickey Mercury, the winged messenger, attempts to deliver some bad news to Mr Angry, Mars, who takes exception. He blames Mickey Mercury for putting him in a bad mood. "Don't shoot the messenger," responds Mickey. "I like to deliver the news. It's not my fault you've got a short fuse..."


Learning can be fun. Some environmental issues are also touched upon.



Artwork and design by Bigfoot Alley Studios and David Ó Druaidh


© 2017, 2018, 2019 The Playful Planets by David Ó Druaidh