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The Playful Planets say Hello and Watch the Rocket is the first in the Playful Planets series of children's books. The philosophy behind the book is simple enough - learning should be fun for children.

Essentially, the characters are artistic representations reflecting many of the mythical traditions associated with the planets in our Solar System.

This first book teaches children the names of the planets and some of the myths and legends associated with them in a simple, colourful, and entertaining way. The original artwork really brings their personalities to life.

The planets introduce themselves, and watch a rocket ship from Earth fly through space. They wonder where the rocket will end up, and discuss some of their fears about the human space program.

"They say they reach for the stars, but they only ever seem to get this far!" laments Marvin, the miserable Man in the Moon.

The planets play a big part in our lives, whether we realise it or not. In many cultures, the days of the week and months of the year are named after them. Saturday is named after the planet Saturn, for example, and the month of March after the planet Mars.

Their role in so much mythology is not in doubt. Mars is known as the God of War, Venus the Goddess of Love, and Saturn as Old Father Time. The list goes on.

Environmental issues are also touched upon.

Learning can be fun.



Artwork and design by Bigfoot Alley Studios and David Ó Druaidh

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